About Us

Sri Durga Group has over two decades of expertise knowledge, understanding and experience in diverse businesses like Real Estate, Retail sector & other such portfolio. The company has established itself as a premier property development company. Our company follow the unique investor centric model that have proven to keep a record of innovation, quality and has been instrumental in the group’s rapid growth.

Our process includes magnificent designs, well-defined entitlement, superior quality and thoughtful planning. The concrete values endorsed by our company have borne over two decades and as a result, many prestigious projects are shining indications to our unwavering commitment to deliver what is promised. our company has good relationship with different companies like Vaishnavi, chaitanya, SBR & Prestige. “We have clients like Inox, AVR, Skechers, Chroma, PKB and many more”.




More than 250 projects completed in Sri Durga Group - With over 25 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge to serve you.


Sri Durga Construction Services are committed to meeting the highest quality standards without compromising our safety culture.


At our company, we respect both time and schedule of our clients and hence we ensure to complete the projects on given time.


As the saying goes - practice makes perfect. With our years of experience we can guarantee to cater and do the work as per your specific needs and expectations.


Sanath V Babu

Director's Message

Sri Durga Group, a place catered for your expectations and the right place for trusted projects.
Sri Durga group was founded in 2010 by a passionate single man army; Sanath V Babu. He is known for his empathetic nature and consistent hard work. Along with this, he is an evolutionary businessman who believes in success through collective work.

He has had an expertise knowledge in the real estate industry for over two decades. Sri Durga Group has successfully completed projects ranging from commercial to residential.

Here at Sri Durga, we aim to provide customer satisfaction as our utmost priority. We are known for our holistic personal relationships with investors and customers. The company guarantees you with well designed and developed projects with no compromise in quality and innovation.

We believe that successful projects come with commitment henceforth we at Sri Durga group promise you total transparency and respect.